Entry #3

Comic Con was great!

2015-07-15 17:43:50 by LightningBolt13

So on Saturday, was my day for comic con! It was so awesome! I met Markiplier! LOOOOOOK!


It was really good. But now I'm back home and it's time for me to work again. So I'd best start working on my shitty show again. Later!


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2015-07-15 19:47:03

AGH SO LUCKY for all the things he looks so happy gosh dang it, i will go one day~

LightningBolt13 responds:

It was so fun! I hope you get the chances to go there, the changes are really slim...


2015-09-09 23:55:23

Nice animations, you haz made a fan!

LightningBolt13 responds:

Thanks man!