Comic Con was great!

2015-07-15 17:43:50 by LightningBolt13

So on Saturday, was my day for comic con! It was so awesome! I met Markiplier! LOOOOOOK!

It was really good. But now I'm back home and it's time for me to work again. So I'd best start working on my shitty show again. Later!

An Update or whatever

2015-07-05 15:00:04 by LightningBolt13

As you can see, I have not uploaded anything... in awhile! And I'm sorry about that. 

And I bet you're thinking: animation takes a while calm down jfc

But I animate fast! ;o; And I'm just being lazy or whatnot. I have no clue what my point is here, but I'm probably going to have animations up this week before I go to California on Thursday. Oh ye

I'm going to San Deigo Comic Con cosplaying as... a black.... female... Future Tom. (from eddsworld) Oh boy.

Just me XD

2015-04-26 11:07:13 by LightningBolt13

Hi, I'm Nandi, but you can call me Lightning! Here you can find probably some animations and maybe just MAYBE some games. Most of my stuff will be some original stuff, and probably some tribute animations to Eddsworld. XD

Oh yeah, can't forget that I do art too. XD